Top 60 Social Bookmarking Sites List 2021

Social Bookmarking sites allow you to bookmark your website and webpages on other high authority sites, We’ve collected the top 100 social bookmarking sites for you and All sites are helpful to getting backlinks, increase the website Traffic, Crawling, and Indexing. You can easily visit their sites, click on register, verify with Gmail and do bookmarks.

Why Social Bookmarking is Important in SEO?

Social Bookmarking helps to crawl our site, index our sites on google. If we do social bookmarking on high authority sites with the Do-follow backlinks then we can easily get the rank of all our keywords. After bookmarks, all social bookmarking sites tell the search engine to crawl our website, index our website for search results, and show how much our website content is valuable.

Social Bookmarking Sites

Do you want to promote your sites on high domain authority sites, No need to do searches for lots of websites because I’ve updated well research sites below for you so that you can easily click on the links and bookmark your URL.

Twitter is a tweet site where you can tweet your post and retweet other profiles or their tweets. You can follow each other and also promote your service/business via message to the relevant person that you think maybe he/she will interesting to get your service, buy your products.

Pinterest is a free image-sharing site where you can share the image after creating your profile on Pinterest. It will helpful site for getting lots of impressions on your image and also you can add a website link to your image after updating the link the image there is a lot of chances to get traffic on your site via Pinterest, Pinterest is always helpful to increase the social traffic and referral traffic of your website.

In June 2018, Popular sites redirect to

The mix is a free website and you can easily bookmark your site on and you can easily tag someone with your website link. Mix helpful sites to increase the referral traffic of your website. We have an option to create a profile on and we can do external linking with our site.

Slack is a very popular platform to create the messaging group program. We can also send a direct message to others and create a private group on Slack. In 2019 Slack had more than 12 Million slack groups.

Get pocket to allow to pocket any URL in their pocket. You can submit your website on getting pocket and you can access it whenever you need without any internet connection.

Instapaper is a free bookmarking site with High domain authority, we can easily bookmark our site on

Reddit allows us to do bookmark your site, we can also share our image in a group. Reddit users can upvote, downvote, and commenting on our posts. It is one of the best sites to promote your website content and reach the right audience.

Folkd is a free social bookmarking site and we can bookmark our site anytime on As we would like to inform your search engine give priority to rank if we submit our website on folks. So without wasting your time register on Folkd and bookmark your site today.

Farks allows to bookmarking only high demanding content that will fark users love to see and share thoughts on your post. So when you want to do bookmarking on then make sure you have to analyze some previous posts that approve by Fark, only then you can publish your website. Fark is helpful to increase the traffic on your site.

If you’ve great, informative content then you can submit it on Digg. Digg is a great platform and one of the best social bookmarking sites to share your content with the audience.

Do you want to promote the startup, small business, and marketing then Bizsugar can help you to promote your business and build your reputation on SERP as the prospective to boost your rank. Bizsugar is one of the best platforms for small businesses.

12. offers both version free version for individuals and paid version for businesses. We can easily create our profiles individually with the name of our business and share our website on

The paid version of helps to get leads, increase the traffic and boost the keyword ranking.

Slashdot is an amazing site to promote your website and you can easily share your valuable content and website link on

Weheartit allows submitting different types of content in the form of images/visuals. weheartit is a great platform to share the image, infographic and it will help for brand awareness.

BibSonomy allows sharing of trending content. It’s specially designed to promote small business and academic research-based material to collect, share, and collaborate with the most highly relevant.

16. is a free social bookmarking site and is easy to use. As we already know one of our best sites Newsvine is shut down but if you love the Newsvine site then you will love to bookmark your site. wants to connect with people and share trending content with them.

In 2010 Instagram was the fourth most downloaded mobile app. Now One Billion people are using Instagram and share stories on daily basis.
Instagram allows to share the image, Video, and live video sharing with their followers, fans.

Pearltrees to create a collection of websites, images of their favorite things. We can easily share our content on pearltress.

The medium allows sharing stories whether it’s personal or original. Medium loves it if we will share stories on their platform. We can easily create our profile and share our brand story on Medium.

Diggo is one of the best and free social bookmarking sites to do bookmark your site and Diigo is easy to use. Diggo allows to do bookmark and hyperlink on the keywords and also Diigo offering Do-follow links for all sites to boost the ranking.

Dzone is one of the best social bookmarking sites for software developers. Every day developers come to Dzone and share their content, read the latest technology and trend about software development.

Quora is one of the best forum posting sites. We can easily ask our questions and share our answers to the question that have already been asked by other users. We can also promote our services by giving relevant answers to the questions. For example, if I’m offering SEO service and someone asked the question on Quora “Who Provide Best SEO Service In India” then I can give the answer to this question and easily promote our SEO service that I’m offering SEO service and I’ve worked on 500+ projects with happy clients.

Flipboard allows to share the stories and trending content. Easy to use.

Pinboard is one of the best sites to bookmark your site and Pinboard is specially designed for the personal management of bookmarks

Slideshare allows us to share the presentation of our services, business, and also we can share detailed information about Products.

Feedly is one of the best RSS Feed submission sites, More than 15 Million users are reading the news for various web browsers and mobile devices.

Linkedin is a professional site and we can share articles, posts, images, videos, etc. Linkedin allows you to like, dislike, and commenting on the post. We can send the connection request to other professionals who are available on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn always suggests connecting with relevant people. For example, if you’ve created the profile of a Digital Marketing Specialist then LinkedIn suggests connecting with you who’ve already create the profile of a digital marketing specialist.

Tumblr is one of the best microblogging sites that allow sharing images, audio, video, mini-blogs, link sharing, etc. Tumblr is easy to use.

Symbaloo allows free bookmark to our website. It’s the best platform to share our website with others. we can create lots of collection and Symballo don’t have any limit to share the website we can share lots of link on

Instapaper allows us to share an article and we can also save and store our article for reading without internet connectivity.

If we want to do commenting on high authority sites then we need to create a profile on Disqus. Disques allow discussion on the website and connect to the conversation across the web.

32. is also one of the best and free content-sharing sites, we can share content, image and also we can do the hyperlink of our website on Keywords as the prospective to boost the keyword rank on SERP. We can follow each other, we can share our content with our followers, we have an option to like, dislike, and comment on the posts that are updated by other users.

PiPiNews is one of the best and free social bookmarking sites for everyone who wants to share content, website URL, videos, images, etc.

Sitejot is a free bookmarking site that allows to share and links across the web. Sitejot manages all of your bookmarks at a place.

35. SocialBookmarkNow
SocialBookmarkNow allows bookmarking your site for free. You can get a live link after submitting your content and URL.

Sociopost allows you to share the website, pictures, and videos, etc and it’s allowed to the community to vote your post and also you can vote or devote the other posts.
Techdirt allows them to share the news and post their own stories.
Tracky allows to share socialize project and store your all digital stuff at one place. Tracky is a project management tool and Social collaboration.

Zypid is one the best site that allows save and share favorite web links in one place.

40 . MetaFilter
Metafilter is one of the weblog, where everyone can contribute a link and comment after completing a registration process on MetaFilter.

41. BookmarkFeed
Bookmark Feed allows you to bookmark the article. It’s easy to use.

42. BookmarkMap
BookmarkMaps is one of the best bookmarking sites that allow to submission of trending and viral content to social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We can submit our content from anywhere in the world.

Twitch is a video streaming service and it’s owned by Amazon.

We can share live video game streaming, e-sport competitions, music broadcasts, and others.

Vimeo is one of the best video sharing platforms that allow every user to share their videos on

Dailygram is one of the best sites that allow sharing images, URLs, and videos. Dailygram always gives do-follow backlinks to their users.

500px is one of the best and free image-sharing websites. 500Px only allows sharing. JPG image and if we’re doing lots of promotions on 500px then your profile automatically block by the 500px team. We should only share the high-quality image that you think people will like your image and comment on the image then you can build your strong profile on 500px.

Flickr allows to share Image and Video at free, we can share 1000 images free in one profile, if we want to share more than 1000 images then we need buy the paid version. we can also do hyperlinking on keywords. Flickr always gives no-follow links but it helps for brand awareness and boosts the rank.

Goodreads allows you to do microblogging and write the quote on their website if you’ve written any books, the magazine then you can approach the Goodreads team to publish your books on their site. It’s chargeable but help to get more audience and increase the follower of your book, magazine.

Imgur is also one of the best image-sharing sites that allow sharing pictures. If we will share any kind of image in the form of jokes, emojis, epics then we get amazing results on our image. It’s easy to use and free.

50. Youtube
Youtube is a video streaming site and if you want to promote your business then you can create your youtube channel and create attractive and informative for users so that users can take interest in your business and service. For Example, if I’m offering a Digital Marketing service then I should create a video on why digital marketing is important to promote your business.

Youtube help to earn money, if your video got viral and increases views on your videos day by day.

51 Wattpad
Wattpad allows sharing stories. In 2018, Wattpad has 40 Million stories and over 70 Million users who spend over 15 Billion minutes on the app each month.

Giphy is one of the best and free gif creation sites that allow you to create your gif and promote it on the site.

In July of 2017, Giphy reported that it had 200 million daily users on both its app and website and around 250 million monthly active users on its site.

Meetme is one of the best social platforms and dating websites. Meetme always verifies your profile to your Facebook.

In 2017, MeetMe reported that it had 100 million users.

53. MySpace
Myspace is one of the biggest social networking platforms that allow sharing URLs, images, etc
As of 2016, MySpace had 15 million monthly visitors.

Evernote allows you to write online notes, stories and share them with anyone.

55. is an online diary community similar to Evernote and Xanga.

56. Skype
Skype is one of the popular video chat software that allows communication via video, audio, or text. We can also share images, videos, and files, etc

4shared allows to save and store images, videos, documents, and other files.

58. Last.FM
Last.FM allows to share and listen to the playlist to the users

SoundCloud is one the best audio-sharing platform. We can share our voice, music on SoundCloud for free.

60. Bandcamp
Bandcamp is a popular audio distribution platform. Artists and labels upload their music content to Bandcamp, and then set how it’s sold, for how much, in what format, and can sell merch or physical media as well.

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