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60% of job chances are missed due to lack of computer knowledge alone. Those who have good results along with good computer skills, are far ahead of others when it comes to jobs. Also almost all companies require more than one IT specialist or a computer operator. Those who have limited or basic computer knowledge, they will be able to work as computer operator or IT specialist in any company after completing this course. Today’s world depends on technology. So to learn about technology, we need to take computer education first. On the other hand, computer knowledge is a must for any office job these days. In this course, we will discuss the basics of computer and learn about Microsoft Office including how to type Bengali/English quickly on the computer. So our course is for those who want to learn computer from computer basics to fairly advanced label.

Topics discussed in the class:

  • Basic principles of computer:
  • Definition of computer:
  • Invention of Computer:
  • Computer Specifications:

Basic principles of computer:

The modern word Computer is derived from the Greek word “Compute”. Again, the origin of the word computer from the Latin word Computare. The meaning of which is to calculate, if you think about it in that direction, the meaning of calculating machine is special. For example :- Calculator, Counter, Conductor.

Invention of Computer:

Charles Babbage, an English mathematician, invented the first analog computer in 1830. Then Howard Ekin of Hubbard University made a mechanical computer. Later, the digital computer was discovered, which is 200 times faster than the mechanical computer, and it gradually developed into today’s computer. Lord Byron’s daughter ‘Lady Ada Augusta’ created the world’s first computer programmer.

Definition of computer:

A computer converts a bunch of electrical waves into its own signals and solves problems with the help of commands applied by the user”.

Computer Specifications:

Computer features such as accuracy, speed, data storage, automatic operation, endurance, memory, etc.

Use of Computer:

From home to office-court, there is no place where computers are not used, in office work, business-trade, school-college-university, various types of
Computers are used in projects, industries, sports, entertainment, shops, bank-insurance companies, meteorological offices, space stations, etc.

?? And so, to give the youth of the country an opportunity to build a smart career through freelancing, we are getting the opportunity to complete each course of 12,000 to 18,000 taka for 3 to 5 months at only 1490 to 2490 taka. Thousands of young people are now successful freelancers in the last 2 years thanks to Ishikhan.

Those who do not have internet or computer, they will have the opportunity to take the courses live by visiting your nearest Ishikhan agent center. Or you can also learn by collecting DVDs of our live classes.

To know more about our course or to do the course online at home through live classes click here: Computer+IT

Who is taking the class?

Top freelancers, trainers and IT entrepreneurs of the country are taking classes at VDSshine.

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