June 2022 Google Algorithm Updates

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June 2022 Google Algorithm Updates

1st June 2022
Google is Starting The Topics API Trial On 1st July:-  Google Announces June Google Algorithm Update that the topic API trial will launch on 1st July of less percentage just for checking the all google systems are working properly or not. If you don’t wish google will select your website to run this topis API Trial then Follow below.
Chrome://settings/privacy sandbox or clear the cookies. I just shared this information because this is part of the news but we don’t need to do it if your website doesn’t have millions of traffic.

1st June 2022

Google Launched Learning Resources Rich Result Snippet:- This is only For English language and when someone search academic type results then this results will show if your website coming in the same industry then you can use the schemas and rank your videos on the search results.

3 June 2022

Google Will Show Title of pages in the Language Content is written:- As you know most of the bloggers writer content in Hindi and they updated title in English after coming this update now google will index the language and show the result in Hindi Devnagri if you wrote content in Hindi. It totally depend on language of the content and google will show the title on which you written. This updates only for articles.

google update

6th June 2022

Ahrefs Launched their Search Engine “Yep” :- Yep is a new general-purpose search engine and this search engine want to give competition to Google. Yep want to share 90% earning with content creators and want to replace the google its not saying by me you can also read the article of Ahref and

8th June 2022
Google Ads API v11 Has been launched:- June Google Algorithm Update If you are not developer then you can skip this and if you are developer then you should know about this, for more details search on Google.

8th June 2022
LinkedIn is going to launch Business Manger in “Coming Weeks” : As we are already using the Facebook business manager now we will use LinkedIn business manager to manage ads of LinkedIn but LinkedIn didn’t announce any specific dates. LinkedIn Team working on it and they will launch soon. Lets wait for it.

8th June 2022
Twitter Dropped a new product, “Product Drops” :- Right now this is available only in US, In English language and on iOS. This is really helpful for ecommerce websites and with the help of product hunt they can update the post and if followers have interest in your product then they will hit the icon and before launching the product they will get notification before 15 mint

For example you want to launch your new style shoes, then you can use update your product on the twitter and use product drop features, your all follower get notification with one button remind me and if your followers will click on this then they will get notificatin before 15 mint.

10th June 2022

Twitter removed no-follow REL tag from all external links: Chris notice this news tat twitter remove the no follow tags from all external links but this is by mistake and twitter re added no follow REL tag back.

14th June 2022

Google Launched Text Link ads called “Shopping Links” : This feature are not available on every website because this is under testing period. google will crawl your website and index updated text link and show the results to the user but this

15th June 2022

Google Search Console won’t show yellow warning block in the graph.

2 new changes in GSC, Now GSC will only show two blocks one is Error (Red Color), Valid (Green Color).

21st June 2022

Google made clear that rich results for variants of a product page will be displayed only if they have their page. According to this update we need to create separate pages for product variants. Google Rich Results will only show the results only for those prducts who have own published page.

22 June 2022

Facebook (AKA Meta) announced new policies to combat fake reviews. Violators can be banned, suspended, restricted from using their accounts, pages and ad account.

1. Manipulation:- Reviews should be simple and not promotional or abusive.
2 Incentivization:- Paid reviews, Financial favor reviews are not acceptable.
3. Irrelevance: When someone publishes a review that is nonrelevant to the business.
4. Inappropriate content: like when someone publishes abusive reviews it’s not allowed.
5. Spam:- not update the irrelevant text that we update another website

22nd June 2022
Twitter launched long from content type “Notes” : Now we can update more than 140 words on twitter, click on notes and start writing your article, blogs, press release what ever you want to write,  and also we have option of the header, title and add image option available on twitter

22nd June 2022
Google launched new look of google news: In this update Local stories will get a change with top stories. If you want to update your self with one to more cities then you can add city in the google news dashboard and you will get notification of local news, you will also get personalized news and you can set topic as per your preference then google will show you interested news. Google will never shows the results of actress that write by bloggers on the tweets.

23 June 2022
Twitter launched campaign planner an online dashboard to plan ad campaign for everyone. We can set ad on twitter like as google AdWords

23 June 2022
Twitter: Custom Like animation features is available in USA, UK and japan.

23 June 2022
Google Explicitly mentioned that Googlebot will consume the first 15MB of any page’s HTML only.

Google will use 15 MB only for indexing, This setup is only for HTML Codes not for web Content.

As you know when we design the website then we use CSS, JSS, Videos, Animation and many other things but HTML we can’t use more than 15 MB means (1.5 Crore Character) If your website have more than 15mb HTML coding then you don’t need to hire SEO Expert hire Web Designer to solve this issue, that’s why google launch this but some people think this is not google and start bother to john then he change his name on twitter.

28 June 2022
Yoast Added Index Now Protocol in its premium version. When we update something new in our website then Yoast premium version will ping to the crawlers.

29 June 2022
Google Clouds Launched Store locator Creation tool.

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